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 Serving Connecticut since 1959!  All  of the items we stock are commercial quality as we strive to provide  the   contractor community with only top of the line products . If you  don’t know how much scaffolding you need to rent, we can work it out with  you and deliver it to the jobsite. Our sales staff can get you  moving so that you can maximize your time on the job.  Give us a call  with dimensions and let us get your project on the road to completion  faster and safer, so you can make more money,  complete your projects on  time, and be moving onto your next job!  Need a Safety harness,  Safety lanyard, Rope grab, Roof anchor, or other Fall Protection items, we  carry those too! Most jobsites require a guard rail system on the leading  edge of roofs or safe stairway access to upper level entrances.   Stop  wasting wood and labor time and be Green!  Use scaffolding stair towers  for upper level entry.  Scaffolding is the best way to achieve safe entry and  be environmentally conscientious.  Call Nutmeg Scaffold today at  203-847-5258 and stay safe!  


Can I setup my own scaffolding?  

Answer:  Yes, with a little information on what the standards are and what you need to do to work safely, you can be setting you own work platform up in no time!


What to use when Re-pointing a chimney or building a stone wall?

  Answer: Pipe Scaffolding Rental

I'm painting an area higher than my 32' extension ladder reachs.

Answer: 40'-48'-60' Extension Ladder Rental

I'm Replacing /Installing a chandelier on a 20’ ceiling? 

Answer: Scaffolding Rental

I Need a rolling scaffold platform for drywall or faux painting?   

Answer: Portable Scaffolding Rental/ Rolling Scaffolding

I have siding or windows to install and need Pump Jacks?  

Answer: Pump jacks Scaffolding Rental

I'm building a house and want the sub-contractors to be safe? 
Answer: Nutmeg Scaffold & Ladder

I'm renovating my own house and looking for help with how to access a job? 
Answer: Nutmeg Scaffold & Ladder

I need an access stairway tower for an upper floor/roof job?
Answer: Scaffolding  Stairs Rental

We can work with you to provide you with the professional equipment to do the work safely !